I sat in that grungy doctor’s office for half an hour. My mom impatiently tapped her foot on the linoleum floor. “Mom,” I whispered. “Stop tapping your foot like that. It’s not like I’m actually pregnant.” The way I said it wasn’t really me telling her that I wasn’t pregnant, it was like I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t.

I was sure that I was throwing up because of… fish.

I hadn’t eaten fish for months. I hated fish.

Maybe it was just a virus.

Then again, I was a germaphobe.

Whatever, I thought. It happens to everyone.

Doctor Fine pushed open the door. Pushed open my future. I gasped, my heart leaped inside of me. That odd feeling in my stomach promised a bad future. It kissed that little trigger in your brain where you know its getting bad.

“I’m sorry.” He said quietly, handing us a clipboard.

That’s when it all fell.

"Shit." Mom whispered.

I couldn’t breathe.

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Exactly 10 months ago today, that was me.

Exactly 10 months ago today, those were my loving parents. 

But not anymore. At this moment in time, you could say.. things are complicated.

Looking back, I was happy then. I wasn’t aware of the future. I didn’t care, honestly. Yet, I wasn’t aware of all the crying I’d do, the anger I would feel, the resentment I’d have from just one night. 

All in the future.

You know, my parents used constantly talk about my future, because they claim all they did when they were my age was plan for theirs. They did a pretty damn good job of planning, though. They became millionaires and beyond famous. 

I’m just going to leave this at I’m not good at planning.

I’ve ruined not only my life, but the lives of many.

Just from one night.

Let me explain those events, which all lead up to the grand finale… which occured exactly one month ago from today..


Meet the Girls: Scarlett Kaeyn

Scarlett Kaeyn was born a very, very lucky girl. Born in the best parts of Bridgeport, her daddy had been a famous movie director, and her mama, of course, an actress… just how much better could it get? Money, intellect, beauty.. she had it all! But even though her life seemed perfect, nothing really ever worked out for poor Scarlett. Mommy wasn’t home. Daddy was busy. No one cared for Scarlett, until she met this boy…

this… boy, you see.. well, he just made things worse for the better…

Let’s just say he’s added some (pink) pluses to Scarlett’s life…


Meet the Girls: Magdalia Schmid

Magdalia is the quiet girl you walk by without noticing, she is the girl the teachers love, her fingers cramp from working so hard. Magdalia hates her name and prefers Maggie, she loves her boyfriend and he loves her body. They whisper things to each other between the sheets. But now, Maggie screams at him between doors and walls, hoping the neighbors won’t hear, ever since she came back with the results. She’s pregnant. 


Meet the Girls: Muse Fallon

Muse has been forced to be that ‘popular girl’ since first grade. She was pushed into pageants by a supermodel mother and automatically enrolled in soccer by her sports-managing father. At first, she was okay with it. Then she decided to rebel.

At the age of 14, Muse got angel bites—grounded. Septum piercing—grounded. Tattoos—a night of crying as she was locked in her room. It’s not my fault, she would think. They’re the ones who pushed me over the edge.

Now, she’s 16. A boyfriend. Huge house. Nice room. She appreciates what her parents have done. She forgave them after all these years. They’ve finally struck peace.

Then it all collapsed.

Who knew that one night could change Muse’s life forever?


Meet the girls: Ettah Calloway

They say life is hard, well it never was really that tough for Ettah Calloway. Living in a mediocre paradise has been just about her entire existence in a nutshell. Too much or too little was never an issue for her, an average student with average looks and a pretty average life. 

 However the scale that had been perfectly even has taken quite a dip when the pink plus sign appeared on the pregnancy test she had bought out of caution. She never thought that her of all girls could get pregnant. It was preposterous, a dizzy, faraway dream.

 Too bad it had so abruptly become her reality.